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Divorce & Property Division

Achieve a Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

Marital property is property that was acquired during the marriage, by either spouse. It includes personal property like furniture, vehicles, jewelry and also financial assets like bank, investment and retirement accounts and pensions. If property was acquired before the marriage, it is separate property and not subject to division by the court. All marital property will be divided in your divorce case Courts usually divide this properly equally so, it makes sense for the parties to reach an agreement as to whom will receive what. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, then property division can be done in arbitration or at trial before the assigned judge. Christopher Drouillard excels at negotiating highly favorable settlements for his clients and, if trial is needed, obtaining exceptional results from a judge. So, regardless of how your case is decided, Chris will see it through.

Christopher Drouillard has extensive experience litigating high-asset divorce cases. These often involve business ownership by one spouse which in turn require business valuations to determine the dollar amount that will be divided in the divorce case. Thus, a thorough and carefully planned review of all marital assets is especially important in high-asset divorce cases. With over twenty years of litigating high-asset cases, Christopher Drouillard has the skills to protect your financial future. Call Christopher Drouillard at (734) 422-2000 to discuss your high-asset case and how it is likely to be resolved in a divorce proceeding.

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