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Divorce's Vary Widely as to How Long they can Take

No Two Cases are the Same

Many factors can contribute to the time frame of a divorce. Although each case generally follows the same track of legal steps, many phases may vary in length based on the specifics of the dispute. As a general rule of thumb, divorces will never take less than 60 days and when children are involved, can often be expected to take 6-12 months.

There are many opportunities to decrease the time frame of divorce. With over 20 year of experience handling divorce cases, Christopher Drouillard has acquired extensive skills in identifying issues unique to each client’s case and implementing an optimal strategy to resolve the case in a time-sensitive manner. Certain steps will need to involve the courts, whereas others will not. Co-operation between the parties and attorneys encourages out-of-court resolution of cases. However, if you need a trial lawyer with over 20 years of experience standing up for clients in the courtroom, Christopher Drouillard is your lawyer.

No matter what, there are certain issues that will need to be settled. In the most basic cases, each of the parties will be financially self-sustaining and the majority of the conflict will be over determining how to divide marital property and marital debt. This is debt and property accumulated during the marriage, regardless of who’s name it is in. The more complex cases will involve children, which will add disputes over child support, custody, and visitation rights. Ultimately, the entire process can be severely expedited if the parties agree early on to resolve their disputes outside of court through mediation.

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