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Divorce Vs. Separation

Know The Major Differences

It is important to recognize the distinction between divorce and separation and how their outcomes may be different. Choosing one of these two routes is an early decision that must be made when spouses are separating. Although each subject covers the same issues and processes, certain people see value in maintaining legal marriage. Separation may have tax benefits for couples in the short run, depending on the time of year and settlement they are looking to reach. Filing a separate maintenance case instead of a divorce case may also help provide you with the outcome that is best for the future of you and your family. Many individuals with religious convictions prefer this route. It may also be used to help keep a family under the same health insurance plan. After making the decision of whether to go through a divorce or separation, the process you experience will ultimately be the same. Property division, spousal support, child custody, parenting time and child support must be addressed. Of course, there always remains the option to reach a settlement outside of the courtroom.
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